Outboard Engines

We offer a complete line of Yamaha two (2) stroke and four (4) stroke Outboard engines. Sold as packages, most of our engines come standard with gauges, propellers, control boxes, wire harnesses and owners manuals, depending on models. Our prices cannot be beat in the US. Contact us for model availability and pricing.

Highest performance in its class

The new F300B has the fastest acceleration of any V6300 Horsepower.

Lightest weight in its class

The new models are lighter than competitive V6 300, 250 and 225 horsepower four stroke outboards.

Best fuel efficiency in its class

The new F300B has over 10% better fuel economy in mid ranges than other 300 horsepower outboards.

Highest alternator output in its class

The electric system utilizes the highest 70-ampere alternator in its class, a handy feature which can help power today’s wide array of onboard electronic devices.

Digital Network System

The new digital network system 11 with new protocols has a new digital gauge, switch panels, remote boxes to provide more convenience, flexibility and information than the previous digital network system.
LCD Display
Fully customizable, monitor multip outboars and boat tanks on one five inch, color LCD screen.
Digital Electronic Controls
Gives you precise control of up to four compatible Yamaha outboards with one two-handle control
Key Switch Panel
Energize the ignition systems of up to three outboards with just one key
Start/Stop Panels
Successively start and simultaneously stop multiple engines with the touch of a button.