Four Stroke Outboards


Recent years have seen a shift toward outboard motors as the power of choice for larger boats due to their excellent speed performance, fuel economy, easy of mounting and maintenance, as well as the fact that they allow for more usable onboard space. As a result, there is a trend toward outboard motors with bigger power and greater speed in today’s boating scene. Yamaha outboards are built to meet these needs like no others.

The advanced plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders provide the largest displacement in this class of 4.2 liters for excellent performance.

The ECM controlled multi electronic fuel injection system precisely measures the fuel and injects it into the combustion chamber at the optimum timing to increase performance and assure quick engine start in various environmental conditions such as temperature, and after long storage periods. 

The electronic throttle precisely controls the air intake, and a long intake manifold efficiently routes air to the combustion chambers to provide greater torque and power.